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Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton was born premature on 25th December, 1642 in Wools Thorpe in England. During this period, England was faced with outbreak of various diseases which had resulted to closure of several schools across the nation. Having born premature, his survival chances were rare. However, Newton survived and most significantly developed into one of the most influential scientists of his time. Throughout his life, Newton never knew his biological father. Newton’s accomplishments in physics and mathematics laid the basics for the revalorization and modern science of the world.

Newton’s Inventions and Discoveries

As a mathematician, Isaac Newton with the assistance of the differential calculus by the Leibnitz developed the concept of calculus. Newton as well invented a formula to determine the speed of sound in a gas medium though it was later advance by Laplace. Newton made a vast influence on the development of theoretical astronomy which helped to eliminate the last doubts of the solar system heliocentric model.

Newton discovered the laws of motion which states that, a body in state of rest continues in that state unless is compelled otherwise by an external force, in every action there is opposite and equal reaction and the change of motion is proportional to the force applied. Newton as well discovered the universal law of gravity that he used to precisely predict the movement of planets and stars around the sun. The movement of objects and animals on the surface of the earth could as well be described using the Newton’s law of gravity. These discoveries and inventions by Newton served the beginning of the revolution of the world which opened the door for the space exploration.

Newton’s Success and Legacy

With the help of these discoveries, Newton developed the first ever practical reflecting telescope. Newton as well developed a theory of color based on the concept through which a prism converts white rays of light in to white rays of light in to various colors of a visible spectrum. Besides Newton’s work on calculus, he played a significant role in the power series study, development of binomial theorem to non-integer proponent and the approximating mechanism of roots of a function as well as cubic plane curves.

In addition to Newton’s work on the mathematical sciences, he dedicated most of his study time on the biblical alchemy and chronology, although much of his work in these fields was not published until sometime after he passed over. Before his death, Newton served as the royal society president. He also served as the master of the Royal Mint and warden in the British government.

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