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Actor Mike Smith

Mike Smith is a Canadian actor and musician, from Nova Scotia, but was raised in Thorburn. He has both active musical and acting careers, but is primarily known for his role on the cult classic television show, Trailer Park Boys. Born August 27, 1972, Smith is 43 years old currently and attended St. Francis Xavier University after high school, where he earned an advanced degree in English. While being active in both hockey and music as a child and throughout his youth, Smith eventually gave up the sport to focus on pursuing a career as a musician.

As a child, Mike Smith showed prominent signs of musical talent and was playing guitar by age seven. He was actually involved in a rock band, prior to his exposure on the hit-show Trailer Park Boys. His band was called Sandbox, and had signed record deals in the past, showing promise of success. Smith’s activity in the music field did not stop there; he performed in other bands and worked on several films. In fact, Smith performed as his well-known character, Bubbles, in a movie soundtrack for Trailer Park Boys. The song he performed would once be performed again alongside band Guns N’ Roses several times throughout their Chinese Democracy Tour.

As an actor, Smith has a variety of experience from doing cameos, voice acting, and being a long-time actor. As noted, his most well recognized role has been that of Bubbles on the show Trailer Park Boys, which he has been doing since 2001. However, Smith has done voice acting for Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Archer. Because of his ability to induce laughs, Smith has been casted in cameo appearances on programs, often as Bubbles. In 2015, he was on The Playboy Morning Show, and GGN, Snoop Dogg’s news network.

Needless to say, Bubbles has been a breakout character for Smith and has definitely strengthened his success in the acting field. This is interesting due to the fact that Bubbles was actually never intended to be a core character on the show at all. Smith was quoted to have been joking with the cast on set for the shooting of the show, acting as Bubbles, or ‘The Cart Boy’, which the director Mike Clattenburg took notice to. From that point on, Smith had a constant appearance on the show and has reached notoriety and fans from all over the world.

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