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20 Good Essay Topics For Your World History Class

World History offers so many avenues for exploration and settlement that it is impossible to cover all angles. The world is huge and each place on the map has a history to boast of. College syllabus often emphasizes on certain zones, leaving aside others for higher studies. North African history, for instance, gets a rare mention in colleges.

An interesting platter

Writing essays on World History is often interesting; as you get to explore varied zones and understand the reflective mindset of different times. For instance, 15th Century people thought nothing wrong of tyranny; but presently, it sends a shiver along most of our spines.

The various avenues

You may go deep into European dealings or depletion of African resources; sufferings of Indians under the British rule or sequential rise of USA as a potent power. World history offers too many avenues from where essays can be cultivated and harvested. You should however make sure to pick a topic which you are conversant at, rather than fish in the dark.

Here are 20 special essay topics on World History for your purview

  1. Shed light on the 7 years war which indirectly shaped the USA
  2. Evaluate the mutiny of 1857 in India and how it affected the British Colonial rule
  3. Explain the Continental blockade put in place by Napoleon Bonaparte
  4. Assess the progressive policies of Otto van Bismarck
  5. Take us through the single-minded rebellion staged by Germany at different times
  6. Explain the reasons and actions of the French Revolution
  7. Write an essay on Industrial revolution
  8. Trace the growth of British colonial rule in the 18th-19th Century across continents
  9. Explain Apartheid; its impact and its eventual end in South Africa
  10. Adumbrate the indifferent times that Nigeria has had to face through history
  11. Explain the Gold Rush and later the mining boom in Australia
  12. Write an essay on how Ford started a new system of thought in context to automobiles
  13. Express the importance of major discoveries and inventions through history
  14. Explain the formation of the UNO and the thrust of omnipotent powers
  15. Write an essay on the machinations of USA and USSR during the Cold War
  16. Explain the contribution of literary writers towards the shaping of Spanish history
  17. Assess the reasons behind American failure in the Vietnam War
  18. Discuss in detail the British involvement in 2nd World War
  19. Explain how racism has been cultivated through history
  20. Explain how Poland miraculously secured independence after the 1st World War

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