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Fifteen Interesting Argument Essay Topics For Middle School

Argumentative essay topics are those which have a ready texture for debate and discussion, prompting students to cough up their own opinions. It is clear that topics should be based on relevant issues so that the kids can identify more with the topic. Let the students find rhythm even in a work which beckons conflict. Let them explore a single topic from different angles. The premise is actually quite promising.

Here are 15 argument essay topics for your perusal –

  1. Is it better to keep pursuing your spurned lover or should you give him freedom to make a choice? – When a lover breaks up with the other half, the latter goes through conflicting emotions. Should he be pursued head on or given time to get normal?
  2. Are cell phones dangerous? – It is not only the radiation; it is the abject freedom that cell phones have handed to the adolescents. Comment with an argumentative essay.
  3. Why are girls so difficult to understand? – This is a million dollar question. Period!
  4. Is truth actually stranger than fiction? – There have been some gruesome true incidents and equally macabre occurrences in fiction. The question merits an essay.
  5. Has music lost its edge because of commercialism? – When people used to create music for themselves, it had soul. Is music still the same?
  6. Do violent video games cause behavior problems? – This is an explorative essay topic.
  7. Are beauty pageants exploitive? – Women are displayed in state of nudity or semi-nudity.
  8. Does age matter in relationships? – There are positive examples of both sides of this question.
  9. Does what we learn in school actually help us in later life? – Many people have thought about this at leisure.
  10. What effect has sports have on you? Does Golf actually make you slow and football aggressive? – This again can open a can of arguments.
  11. When do you actually become an adult? – Explore the mental, physical and psychological aspects of it.
  12. Do parents overplay their role in nurturing their kids? – Do parents actually think they are Gods for their kids? Is such thinking correct?
  13. Why is such hullaballoo raised at kissing when it is actually a generic issue? – This is a topic which will invite a ready number of essays.
  14. Should steroids be banned – This topic has been circulating for days, months and years?
  15. Are values disintegrating at an alarming rate or is there still hope left? – This is an arbitrary issue. It will invite contrasting opinions.

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