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18 Topic Ideas On Media: Make Your Essay Stand Out

Media is a rapidly growing subject, and with plenty of new writing coming out on this topic, and with many different subgenres in this category, it can be difficult to get your writing to stand out from the rest of the crowd. That is why a handy list of 18 topic ideas is provided below, taking into account the biggest and most far-reaching sub-topics: social media, film, television, internet and advertising. Taking on any one of the following ideas as the title of your essay will guarantee to get you and your ideas noticed.

Social media related questions:

  1. How are social media platforms used during election time?
  2. How current events are presented on social media platforms?
  3. Is social media a force for good?
  4. What can you advertise and to whom? What are the laws surrounding advertising on social media platforms? (Also an advertising related question.)
  5. Film related questions:

  6. How has the illegal downloading of movies online affected the film industry?
  7. Give a brief overview of the history of film and film-making.
  8. Monster movies - what are the most commonly-used tropes of horror films? (You can also substitute the ‘horror’ genre for any other genre of film.)
  9. Discuss the presentation of politics in Hollywood films. (You can also choose subjects such as history, education etc.)
  10. Television related questions:

  11. Describe the history of television briefly.
  12. How does watching reality shows affect our behaviour? (You can also substitute ‘reality shows’ for any other type of the television show.)
  13. Discuss the use of different types of humour in sitcoms from
  14. the 1950s.

    Internet related questions:

  15. How beneficial is the internet in distance learning?
  16. To what extent is the internet a positive force for encouraging freedom of speech?
  17. The internet and laziness - does using the internet encourage us to do less exercise?
  18. A comprehensive list of tricks and shortcuts for effectively using search engines.
  19. Advertising related questions:

  20. How is the behaviour of children influenced by internet advertising?
  21. Assess the impact of advertising fast food on children and childhood obesity.
  22. What can and cannot be advertised on television in America? Why?

This list demonstrates the variety of topics that can be addressed when writing on such a vast topic and highlights the very best options available to students of any level.

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