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Illegal Immigration

The rise of the nation state was a landmark development in history. It led to the establishment of governments, which have since been charged with the responsibility of protecting their citizens and ensuring that they live under the best conditions possible. As a result of these responsibilities, disparities in the natural resource endowment, and other factors such as bad governance, some countries are far much ahead of others in terms of economic development. This inequality is responsible for unfortunate occurrences such as wars, terrorism, and illegal immigration among numerous others. In the recent past, illegal immigration has emerged as a major global problem. The developed world is staggering under the weight of illegal immigrants. The United States alone hosts slightly over 11 million illegal immigrants despite its efforts to curb the menace. This essay explores the problem of illegal immigration with specific focus on the U.S.

Illegal immigration is the process by which people, for one reason or another, move into a given country and reside in it without the legal documents that certify them as bonafide citizens of that country. The main reason behind their desire to stay in the target country is hope for a better life. A significant number of these people enter a country as tourists or people on a mission to accomplish a particular task such as studying, but fail to leave after the expiration of their legal stay. The remainder of the group crosses into their target countries illegally. Most of America’s illegal immigrants used this option. Consequently, any discussion touching on illegal immigration is often emotive. A case in point is the recent presidential executive order that seeks to make up to five million illegal immigrants legal citizens of the U.S. It has polarized Americans unprecedentedly. Its opponents view it as a move that rewards anarchy while its proponents argue that technically, all Americans are immigrants and as such, no one who wants to be a citizen of America should be denied the opportunity. This debate is unlikely to subside as long as the America remains a global economic leader.

In conclusion, as this debate rages on, stakeholders should give more critical thought to developments such as the recent executive order that seeks to allow illegal immigrants to become U.S. citizens. If the order is executed, scores of other people from all over the world will find their way into the U.S. through every available avenue regardless of the consequences. Therefore, as countries seek to deal with the illegal immigration menace, they should do so with caution in order to stop it, instead of encouraging it.

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