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5 Things To Consider When Looking For An Example Of An Argumentative Essay

Ask any college student worth his weight in salt and he will have come across argumentative essays in his study life. These are the tasty morsels thrown by teachers for students to grab. There is a nourishment of innate curiosity in discussing the logics of a topic.

Practice restraint

You cannot however unleash yourself on the subject; you have to practice restraint. There are things you need to be aware of and stay within the parameters while dealing with the argumentative essays. This is what helps you in picking up resolute samples of such essays. Here are 5 of the considerations

  1. Be clear about the side it takes – The sample should clarify the side it takes. It cannot literally sit on two boats. The reader should understand the side that the sample glorifies and the side it detracts.
  2. Understanding of the topic – The sample writer should come across as having authoritative knowledge of the topic. If the writer has cursory knowledge of the subject, the sample will be half-baked.
  3. Place logics; not opinions – The sample cannot opine without proficient backing. It has to give logical reason behind why it chooses a particular side of the argument. The argumentative essay sample cannot merely be arbitrary or prejudicial towards one half and step-motherly towards the other.
  4. Offer solutions – The sample should offer tenable and relevant solutions out of the essay; especially when the topic is about an existing problem. Readers love solutions. An affirmative piece is much better than a questionable one.
  5. Relevant topic – Make sure that the sample deals with a topic relevant to the times. After all, there is no point comparing the merits and demerits of a type-writer in this age. Modern social and ethical issues offer the best scope for argumentative essays.

Here are 10 argumentative essays for your convenience

  • Do private tutors enhance the student’s scopes or do they actually stunt his growth?
  • How fair is the electoral process in a democracy?
  • Should censorship be more violence-specific or sex-specific?
  • Should celebrities take moral responsibility for the things they endorse?
  • What is a better approach – Boys only/girls only or co-ed?
  • Should religious processions be allowed to hamper general life?
  • Are humans actually the most superior specie in the world?
  • Should smoking joints be marginalized or completely banned?
  • Should traffic police vehicles be allowed to park wherever they wish?
  • Do we actually treat people of all races in the same way?

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