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Recommendations On How To Write A Law Day Essay

Law Day is an American Holiday celebrated on May 1st as a way to remember the role of and reflect upon the law in the foundation of the United States. It was established in 1958 and since then it reminds citizens of the importance of laws in society. Many introductory legal courses require students to write an essay on a topic concerning Law Day. This article provides recommendations on how to accomplish this successfully:

  • Pick a Topic You Can Handle with Ease
  • One of the biggest traps students set up for themselves when they are given the freedom of coming up with their own Law Day essay topic, is picking something that is either too narrow or broad. Don’t make your assignment harder than it absolutely has to be. Choose something that is in between the too so that you can handle it with ease.

  • Conduct Background and In-Depth Research
  • Start your research online looking up some background information such as key terms and issues related to your topic. Next, head down to your local library and speak with the reference librarian. He or she should help you search for material that is both relevant and current to your topic.

  • Draft a Thesis and Law Day Essay Outline
  • As soon as you are done finding material, you should be able to draft a clear and concise thesis statement to help guide your writing. Take the best discussion points you have from your notes and arrange them in a logical and structured manner in an essay outline. Use this when you write the first draft.

  • Start Writing the First Essay Draft Efficiently
  • The first draft of your law day essay should always be written quickly and efficiently. This is the most effective way to use your momentum to get your best ideas in one place without constantly having to stop to make corrections. If you are tempted to fix mistakes just remind yourself that you will have plenty of opportunities to do so later in the process.

  • Revisit and Revise the Contents of the Essay
  • No writer, not even the most experienced academic one, will get the words down right in the first draft. This is the reason you should set your work aside for a few days before you come back to make your revisions. You’ll approach your work from a different perspective and will be able to make a number of changes you wouldn’t have thought of before.

  • Edit and Proofread the Final Essay Draft
  • Finally, make sure you edit and proofread your essay thoroughly before you submit it to class. Your grade can suffer tremendously if you final draft is riddled with errors. Be sure you spend ample time doing these last two exercises to ensure you get the highest grade possible.

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