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Arizona Tribal Nation

Historically those who settled westward had many encounters with Native American tribes. While the original settlers in Plymouth were able to befriend the local tribes by helping them to defeat some of their neighboring enemy tribes that friendship was not one commonly seen throughout many states in the western part of America. As settlers moved west they encountered local tribes who did not believe in nor understand the concept of owning land. They felt that those settlers were trespassing and the settlers felt it was their right to move the native population from the land because they now “owned it”. In spite of the original frustrations and fights there are now some reserves still left in these regions where the native populations are able to live within their customary means.

The state of Arizona is popular for being a tribal state. It is actually home 222 federally recognized Native American tribes and communities. Arizona contains a rich and vibrant array of Native American cultures. The majority of the Navajo nation still remains within the state of Arizona, a state which is home to the largest reservation. It is also home to the second largest reservation of the Tohono nation. Over one quarter of the state is reserved for Native American tribes.

The Hopi tribe is one which enjoys 12 villages spanning three different maces. Each of these villages features their own architectural styles and ceremonies. The Yavapai tribe is one which provides visitors with a comprehensive viewing of the mountain terrain so popular among Arizona as well as lively casinos where games can be played extensively until a visitor returns to their wonderful lodging accommodations. The Cocopah tribe are known as the River People because they originally inhabited the area around the delta near Yuma as well as the Colorado River. Today their reserve spans only six thousand five hundred acres but is still governed by their local tribal council.

The Kaibab tribe is one whose reservation is surrounded by such historic landmarks as the Vermillion Cliffs as well as the Pipe Spring National Monument. Visitors to this reservation are able to see all of these geological sights while also enjoying the historic recreation of the reservation. The Zuni Pueblo is located in part in New Mexico and in part in Arizona. It is a tribe whose land holding spans the border and makes for very interesting historical viewing.

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