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Word Of Mouth From A Corporate Marketing Communication Perspective

If you need help with your marketing efforts, the one thing you want to do is to ask someone who works in a corporate atmosphere how to best go about managing and running your company.


The main thing that you want to ensure, is that you work on the 4 P's, which are considered: price, product, place, and promotion. As we explore more options and ways to work with customers and to deal with the public, its efforts like these that come into play on a daily basis.

As businesses continue to grow, the thing that they have to ensure of is that they're reaching their global market on a global scale. Sometimes mom-and-pop start-ups have a problem expanding because they just don't know how. That's where companies such as WordPress can come in, or Facebook, or even Shopify, but your focus, needs to start with a more global perspective, and you can find this through companies like a CRM, which is customer relationship management. Because we know that word of mouth really is more about how you get the message out about your company, and your firm, you want to ensure that people are talking about you and that you, your company and its services are noteworthy.


Ways to draw buzz to your business include using CRM to establish your core market, using WordPress to find key target words that you want to use, and even using analysis from companies like Google through AdWords where you can structure your marketing efforts around your clients. Your next course should be getting the word or buzz out.

Ways that you can do this can be through a buzz media, where you look at resources like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can even create YouTube videos about your company, services and products, send online incentives to your customers, consider sending discount coupons or email blasts to them through Facebook and Twitter accounts also, as well as general email, as all of these are effective ways to get the buzz started.

A company that has successfully done this is PepsiCo's Lays potato chips brand. By sending out blasts that they initiated through email correspondence, and then targeted ads that they utilized during the Super Bowl, they were able to get a lot of attention to their store, their products, and their website. They were running a special on what should be the next new flavor for Lays potato chips.

Just remember when you try to use word of mouth marketing and advertising to target your particular audience, you have to focus on the 4 P's, tie in CRM so you know who your customers are, and send email blasts, tweets, TV ads and other forms of communication in every area that you can to ensure that word of mouth generates, gets out, and all that great feedback starts coming in.

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