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The Last Full Measure

What exactly is the last full measure? The first thing to come to mind is probably the fact that it's a baking term. Not really a term so much as that it can refer to the last full measure in baking. As in a cup of flour or sugar. But it does have origins in relation to motivation for battle.

It's because of the positioning of the phrase. Something that is added to 'punch up' a speech from an orator that makes it incredibly powerful to the listener. In order to improve a speech, it's phrases such as the last full measure that take that speech into a different direction to make an impact. Here we'll look at the origins and why it matters at all.

The Gettysburg Address

The origins of the phrase are from the Gettysburg address by president Lincoln in 1863 during the American civil war. It was this short two minute speech that rounded up everything the soldiers needed to hear for the final push from battle and has been referred to ever since. Specifically about the devotion of the American union soldier.

In Culture

Films have been made and books written around the statement alone. Much of it based around the original environment of the war and even into war in science fiction stories as well. The motivator is the main thing taken into account, as something to reflect on just as the American soldier would have when it was first addressed.

The Meaning

If you apply anxiety of certainty to this statement, you'll find that it makes sense. As mentioned before with referenced to baking, to make sure that a recipe is correct, getting the last full measure of an ingredient is that certainty to make sure it comes out right. Anything less would greatly impact the result and at the very least, you can say that you've made the effort. This is why it fits in well with motivating people where they can understand.

Why It Matters

All efforts to add some real meaning to the phrase are easily lost in today's world. It's very likely that it doesn't really matter at all. That may come across as self-defeating but the fact is that referencing the phrase is important only in the historical context because president Lincoln made it and it might have been important only for that time. At the very least, it reminds those who are unfamiliar with it, the importance of the address itself and the reason to study it further.

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