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Life Of Al Capone

Everyone knows the famous scarred face of the Italian Al Capone that earned him the name Scarface. Following is a brief detail of his life.


Al Capone belonged to a relatively poor immigrant Italian family. The only way he found possible to turn the poor lifestyle of his family to a rich one was through crime. Though he belonged to a rather respectable and professional family, h turned to crime to earn his income.

Early in the year 1894, Al Capone’s father came to New York amongst many other immigrants looking to start their lives over. At the time, his father Gabriele was just thirty years old and had his degree from Naples. After graduating Gabriele had started his career in Naples as a barber. He was married to a woman named Teresina (Teresa). Teresa was pregnant with their third child while they already had two sons. Their eldest was Vincenzo and had an infant called Raffaele. In the year 1899, in mid-January Gabriele and his family moved to a place in Brooklyn. This is why Al Capone was born on January 17th of the same year.

Early Life

Al Capone lived in a filthy apartment someplace near the Navy Yard. This particular area was a rather uncommon one and had all the tough individuals around who spent most of their time in the bars that surrounded the place. Like all other Italian families, Al Capone was no different. They were noisy and loud and appreciated food. However, little did anyone know that Al Capone would develop such great concern and love from the criminal world? It was eventually that the family moved to a more multicultural place that Al Capone was exposed to various people and able to strengthen his clan and eventually become the public’s worst enemy.


Al Capone studied in a Catholic school where he faced and even learnt about the brutal violence that was brought about almost unapologetically. Despite being a rather smart student, at the age of 14 Capone was first suspended but then expelled for assaulting a female teacher. Capone never stepped into another school again.


Al Capone married a respectable bookkeeper Mae Coughlin, an Irish woman. At the time he was working in Chicago under Johnny Torrio. The only thing that stopped Capone from completely submerging into the criminal world was the parental influence. This is why when his father unexpectedly passed away, Capone felt free from all the barriers and completely immersed himself in the criminal world.

Criminal Growth

Wherever he went was with protocol so everyone knew exactly who he was and what he did. He remained under cover almost all the time. People feared him and he made sure that they would continue to do so, all the while gaining more and more hatred from them.


This great criminal spent his last days in sentence. During his jail time he developed syphilis and began receiving treatment for it. Despite the fact that his sentence was supposed to last up to six years, he spent his time so modestly that it was reduced to just five months. He was released at the end of the year 1939, hospitalized and treated for a year. Despite being released from the hospital, Capone was never able to be fully okay.

Succumbing to his imminent death, Capone passed away in 1947 to a cardiac arrest.

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