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Media Violence


It is significantly viewed that violence in television and on film has a strong impact on youth. He has mentioned three major effects of media violence, such as aggression, fear and desensitization. According to there are two theories that explores the effects of sex on television. As per Cultivation Analysis, many viewers consider television as mirror of the world. The other, Social Learning Theory argues that most of children and youth have the habit of imitating things they watch on any media platform.

Effects of Sex and Violence on television/in movies

Television violence impacts our society in different ways. To understand its impact, children, parents and other mental health professionals should have a thorough discussion on policies and practices that they feel really contributes to violence in society. It is found that parents are always keen to know what their children are watching on television and express their feelings about those shows/movies.

Furthermore, visual displays of sexual content on television/movie also impacts the mind of individuals. We can easily find many reality shows that has double tender jokes and sexual references. In fact other sexual issues like abortion, teenage pregnancy and AIDS awareness are highly sensitive and their impact on viewers depends on how is it showed in movies/television. Therefore, it is very necessary to understand how these entertainment programs filled with sexual content are understood by the public and especially, the youth.

According to Cultivation Analysis, the views on television tends to colour the vision of the viewer. Over a period of time, repetition of such views leads to a firm view of reality in the viewer’s mind. On the other hand, Social learning theory claims that viewers, especially children and adolescent model their actions based on their role models of television/movies, Bandura 1965 cited in.


Based on above mentioned points, it can be concluded that electronic media has a strong impact on our minds. Therefore, it the responsibility of Film-makers, TV Shows’ Directors to put the sexual or violence content in such a way that in the end it should give a positive message to the viewer. At the same time, it is the responsibility of parents to tell their children what is right or wrong for them, as far as societal values are concerned. If entertainment shows will be considered just for fun, then it will not have any negative impact on our society. Therefore, sex and violence on television should not be restricted in anyways.

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