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Animal Euthanasia

Due to the many people that are keeping animals today, there is the need to make sure that animals that fall ill or are involved in an accident are not subjected to unnecessary pain. Groups that handle animal’s rights advocate for animal euthanaisa. It is an act of mercy on animals. In other words, people will call it a put to sleep measure or put out his or her miseries. It refers to putting to death an animal in a humane way. Sometimes it entails withdrawing extreme medical measures from the animal.

When is Animal Euthanaisa Allowed?

The times when there is a need for such a measure is when an animal is in having an incurable painful condition, there is the lack of funds to cater for the animal’s health and in lab test procedures. Ways of minimal distress and pain for ending the life of the animal are sought. Other situations are in the case of old age, accidents and behavioral problems. Animal euthanasia should only be carried out by a qualified veterinarian or a technician under the supervision of the veterinary. It should also only be performed in designated places. The allowed areas are in a veterinary clinic or an animal shelter. For animals involved in research, the procedure can be carried out in the research centers. Large animals may require the veterinary to go to the owner’s home in cases of accidents. The remains of the animal should be treated in the way that the owner wants. There are people that will prefer to cremate the remains especially if it was a pet. Others will prefer burying the remains while others will let the animal facility take care of the remains.

Methods of Animal Euthanaisa

Intravenous anesthesia is the most preferred method. It is done in two steps and involves messing up with the respiratory system of the animal. The first phase involves giving the animal an injection that makes it unconscious. This will lead to the second stage of inducing a cardiac arrest. This leads to a slow and less painful death. There is also the use of inhalants. The commonly used ones are isoflurane and sevoflurane. This is often used for small animals. You can also use carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide in the animal’s chambers. The later has however been banned as its condition is not humane. For large animals that are injured, shooting is sometimes used. In small animals like mice and rabbits, cervical dislocation is preferred. This should only be done in a proper method by people that know what they are doing. It involves dislocation of the neck and leads to a painless death.

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