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Bipolar Disorder

When a person is rushed through overwhelming feelings of happiness immediately followed by extreme sadness, a diagnosis of Bipolar disorder may be in the cards. These feelings are not the everyday high and lows that people deal with on a day to day basis, but rather so intense that it often ruins relationships and families without proper medical treatment. Although a cause for this symptom has not be scientifically established yet, many scientists link this disease to certain genes often passed from bipolar parents or even through studying the similarities of it with depression and schizophrenia. Although these genetic tests have been studied, scientists still do not understand this disorder fully.

Many subjects studied for this disorder have undergone analysis of their cerebral cortex through MRI scan. As the prefrontal cortex of the brain helps in finding solutions and making decisions, it has shown that the cortex in adults is smaller than those without the disease. However, as the brain continues to develop during adolescence, the cause could be from some type of abnormal development during their pre-teen years. Connecting the dots between specific regions of the brain are important in understand not only this disorder, but also for understand memory, educational learning and human emotions.

Those suffering from bipolar disorder, usually in their late 20’s, can see symptoms of either a depressive and/or a manic state of emotions. Due to this drastic mental jump between the two feelings, many people are often misdiagnosed as schizophrenic. Those suffering from this disorder are often broken into four different categories: Bipolar I disorder (at least one manic as depressive swings as usual), Bipolar II disorder (no manic swing needed, but the depressive swings must be severe in nature), Cyclothymia (a mixture of both), and Bipolar Disorder NOS (not otherwised specified).

This disease is not only for the poor or middle class as it affects many famous celebrities such as Russell Brand, Kurt Cobain, Larry Flynt and even Friedrich Nietzsche. The most important thing for someone that notices they have these symptoms is to get help and treatment before it takes over their life. Suicide is one of the biggest events someone suffering from a depressive state can conduct, but with proper treatment and studies, the scientific world might crack the code towards peoples’ long and illustrious lives. With no cure, those suffering need to help contribute themselves to studies to help themselves and others from being mislabeled as broken.

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