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A List Of Cool Persuasive Essay Topics For College Students

College students may be used to writing about typical persuasive essay topics but it can be interesting to choose a topic out of the box. You still need the element of persuasion when selecting your idea. There is a vast amount of raw ideas to consider, but your essay guidelines will help you choose something within reason you can write about with ease.

Think about How You Can Persuade with Your Idea

Persuasive essay topics can be a little tricky depending on the subject matter. You need to consider elements that play a role in the persuasion process. If you were to really try and persuade someone based on your opinion on a topic, how would you do so? Your essay will need these important elements to not only grab attention of readers, but to persuade them to see things from your point of view.

Your persuasive essay topic needs to have information that will convince readers the situation can happen. You need to have good supporting evidence for your topic. If you select a topic and lack supporting information to make your main idea convincing, you may struggle trying to persuade readers to see things from your side of the issue.

Your evidence should be clear, concise and realistic. You are literally creating a picture for readers that will show them why your side is better.

Sources to Consider for Good Persuasive Essay Ideas

There are a number of sources to consider for persuasive essay ideas. You can use online academic paper databases with samples of this type of assignment you can view for free. You can learn about elements of persuasion and how they appear in media sources such as television and local advertisements. Here is a list of possible ideas for more inspiration.

  1. Magazines for young adults send the wrong message about self-image.
  2. Cellphone use encourages good exercise for hands and fingers.
  3. IPads should replace textbooks.
  4. Beauty contests should be banned.
  5. Attending college should be free for students with good grades.
  6. Females should play on football and wrestling teams.
  7. Social media sites may hurt self-image.
  8. Students should have the ability to design their own college courses and/or schedule.
  9. Students should have the option to select or create their own internship opportunity.
  10. Students should be reprimanded for associating with fraternity/sorority groups that engage in inappropriate activities.

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