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A List Of The 30 Best Argumentative Essay Topics On Sports

Are you wondering how to write a winning paper about sports? Do you think it is hard to write an argumentative essay because you are new to the assignment type? Do you want someone to help you choose a valid topic for your paper? Do you have many ideas in your mind but none of them is unique? Do you think you need to spend time on search in order to come up with a great topic for your paper? Do you want to impress your teachers with a great paper and score well?

It is normal to have all these concerns in your mind regarding your academic assignments. Every student wants to write a winning paper that can impress his teachers. Sometimes students do not have enough time to write their papers on their own and others do not have the right skills. Choosing a unique and interesting topic for your paper is very important if you want to hook your readers until the end

Top argumentative essay topics on sports

If you think it is difficult to write a great paper and choose a winning topic on sports, then you need to look at the following sample topics

  1. Sports celebrities do not deserve high pays because their work is simple
  2. Sportsmen should not use any kind of performance enhancing drugs
  3. Performance enhancing drugs should be legal
  4. Passion is important than profession for a footballer
  5. Profession is important than passion for a footballer
  6. The cricket matches in tournaments of world importance are fixed
  7. The team that plays well on the day deserves to win
  8. Sports are an important part of a countries trade and foreign currency
  9. Sports have certain level of subjectivity or biasness
  10. Soccer and Fifa are more popular than formula racing
  11. Formula racing is more famous than soccer
  12. Indoor games should be promoted on an international level
  13. Sport celebrities should not endorse different brands
  14. Ball tempering
  15. Sport scandals
  16. Personal lives of sport stars
  17. Test cricket and T20
  18. ICC world cup 2025
  19. Hockey and polo
  20. Lionel Messi vs Ronaldo
  21. Aggressive play
  22. Defensive game
  23. Biased empires or referees
  24. Playing in the home ground
  25. Sports and economy
  26. National vs international tournaments
  27. Sportsman spirit
  28. Professional vs amateur players
  29. Baseball vs cricket
  30. Basket ball

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