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Practical Advice On Writing An Argumentative Essay About Obesity In The USA

In an argumentative essay, the author should take a position and defend it with strong arguments. The problem of obesity in the United States is well known, so it’s a good topic for an argumentative paper. If you’ve never dealt with similar academic tasks, you may need to get instructions before you start writing.

Writing an Argumentative Essay about Obesity

  1. Narrow down the area of research.
  2. It’s likely that many students in your school have written papers on this topic. To make a good impression on your teacher with your academic work, you should provide unique information. Write about the ways to reduce the percentage of child obesity in the USA, for instance.

  3. Conduct research.
  4. Your own opinion isn’t enough to support your ideas and arguments properly. You should find some factual evidence. Open a search engine and look for articles that explain how to fight and overcome obesity. If you know a person who suffered from obesity at some point of their life, you may conduct an interview with them.

  5. Make a plan of your paper.
  6. It’s not advisable to start writing without having an approximate picture of what your paper will look like at the end. Take a sheet of paper and indicate the main sections of your text. List the points that you want to include in each section. This way, the writing process will be organized and clear.

  7. Compose an introduction.
  8. Start your paper about obesity with some shocking fact related to this issue. This will attract the reader to your academic work. Then, present your exact topic and provide a review of the following paragraphs. The introduction should have your thesis statement at the end.

  9. Compose a body.
  10. Your arguments and points should be presented in this section. It should have not less than three paragraphs. Use the evidence gathered during your research to support the arguments introduced in the body. Connect body paragraphs to each other with smooth and clear transitions.

  11. Compose a conclusion.
  12. Restate your thesis statement and topic sentences to summarize the information given in your essay. Express your opinion on the topic and explain why it’s important to research it. Motivate the readers to think about the problem of obesity.

Final Steps

Don’t submit your paper until you’ve revised it properly. Your text might contain a lot of mistakes and awkward phrases. Correct them all before letting your teacher read your academic work in order not to earn a low score.

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