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Choosing Of Mice and Men Essay Topics: Useful Suggestions

Of Mice and Men is one of the finest examples of American literature, and writing a paper on it should be a pleasure. The Story is so complex that it may be difficult to decide on the best topic as there are so many interesting issues you can focus on. If this is the case with you, study the following list of prompts, perhaps some of them will inspire you.

  1. Analyze the friendship of George and Lennie.
  2. This relationship is the core of the novella and it’s extremely complex. You should present your own opinion on the nature of this connection and find some evidence to support your arguments both from the text and from various psychological sources.

  3. Non-verbal communication in the novel.
  4. Many of the Steinbeck’s characters express their thoughts without the use of words. Do some research on non-verbal communication and find examples of it in the story.

  5. Plot development analysis.
  6. Steinbeck’s plot development may seem very straightforward. Is it really so? How do the details presented throughout the story affect the reader’s perception of the plotline?

  7. The role of Curley’s wife.
  8. How does the author portray the sole woman at the all-man ranch? What are her relationships with the men she sees every day? Imagine how the story would develop without her.

  9. Similarities between the novella and a theatrical play.
  10. Do the long descriptive passages in the beginning of every chapter create an illusion of the story being a theatrical play? What kind of mood does the author create using this writing trick?

  11. Are George’s actions towards Lennie in the end of the story justified?
  12. Be sure to gather some strong evidence from many relevant sources to support your arguments on this topic.

  13. The symbolism of nature in the novel.
  14. How does the author use nature to set the mood for the scene? Analyze the symbolism behind some of the descriptions. Try to explain why Steinbeck uses this particular method.

  15. The setting of the novel.
  16. Determine how the setting of the story affects the development of the story. Analyze the place names and find connections between them and the characters’ vocations.

  17. The similarities between Of Mice and Men and To a Mouse, a poem by Robert Burns.

    The poem served as an inspiration for Steinbeck. Trace the connections and similarities between the two and determine how exactly the Burn’s work affected the author of the novel.

  18. Impaired characters of the novel.
  19. Analyze both physically and mentally impaired characters of the story and try to determine why the author included them in the novel.

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