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5 Basic Features Of An Evaluation Essay: An Academic Manual

Students often tend to confuse the analytical or argumentative style with the evaluation style. Remember that an argumentative paper is defensive in nature and you have to convince the audience of your ideas. An evaluative paper on the other hand, looks at both sides and gives a conclusion based on logic and research.

In order to compose an evaluative paper without making any mistakes or creating any confusion, you need to keep a few basic considerations in your mind. This article talks about the five components to help you understand the features of your assignment. If you learn these features then you will be able to compose a winning essay on a very clear note.

  1. The writing strategy
  2. The writing strategy defines the entire scope and purpose of your paper. If you plan wisely and come up with an objective strategy then it will be easier to compose your essay and convince your audience. To be able to come up with a good strategy, you should write down the positive and negative aspects in form of a list and compare them. You can weigh your options to come to a final unbiased strategy.

  3. The introduction of your paper
  4. The introduction for an evaluative essay needs to provide clear and precise information about the topic of your paper. This is the first impression of your paper so it needs to be direct and engaging. You need to develop interest of your audience to keep them curious for the rest of your paper. If you develop a thesis statement, it will help the readers understand the entire scope of your paper in one line.

  5. The body of your paper
  6. The body of your essay consists of logical arguments followed by judgements. Each paragraph in the body of your essay represents one major argument. You need to find strong evidence to support each argument in your paper. In an evaluative paper, you need to make sure to throw some light on the opposing logics and counter arguments.

  7. Objective tone
  8. Remember to stay neutral and unbiased while writing your paper. For example, if you are to write about women empowerment, you need to write from a perspective of a normal and educated human else than getting influence from your gender type.

  9. Maintain your direction
  10. You need to make sure that the reader understands the main point or argument in your paper

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