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Finding An Outstanding Comparison Essay For Free: Tips & Tricks

With a comparison essay, students must look at two different topics. They must compare and contrast different aspects of both items. Students who are unfamiliar to this type of writing can always find examples for free. If the student wants to turn in the example as their own work, they will need to find a completely original document. Before submitting the paper, the student should use a plagiarism checking program to make sure that it does not appear to be plagiarized.

Selecting a Topic for the Comparison Essay

To get started on this style of writing, students need to find a topic that they can write about. Ideally, the student will find two subjects that are fairly similar, but still have some differences. Students could compare William Shakespeare to Mark Twain or they could write about World War I and World War II. The best topics will appear similar initially, but will have key differences.

Making an Outline

Before students begin writing, they should create an outline. In general, the outline will start with an introduction and end with a conclusion. Each paragraph will have one key point that the student discusses. The topic sentence will divulge the key point, and supporting details in the paragraph will support the topic sentence.

Finding a Free Essay

The easiest place to find a free document is through a free site. There are sites that cater exclusively to essay writing and editing. On these sites, writers publish some of their best writing about a specific topic. Once a student finds one of these websites, they can search for a specific style of writing, word count or grade level. Since these papers are offered for free, they can be found through a search for the Internet. This makes it easier to find an example paper, but it means that all of these essays will appear to be plagiarized if the student tries to turn them in.

Using a Plagiarism Checking Program

If the student plans on turning in someone else's work as their own, they have to make sure that it does not appear to be plagiarized. Initially, students can use a software program to look for plagiarism. If the paper is plagiarism free, the student should select random sentences from the document. They can type these sentences in to a search engine to make sure that it does not match any search results exactly.

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