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Great Directions On How To Complete An Argumentative Essay About Animal Testing

There are many who believe animal testing is a must. There are others who believe animal testing is the right of humans. Some have the opinion that animal testing should be illegal. Some others believe it is unethical yet legal. Others feel it is both ethical and legal. What are your views on the subject?

While the issue of legality is largely known and settled in the first halves of most debates, it is the ethical binding that promotes the debates and the heat further. When writing an academic paper on the issue, you should look at these things objectively as well. Here are a few other tips for you.

  • The questions of ethics alone
  • When we analyze the issue on the benchmark of ethics and ethics alone, we find there are several things that need to be answered in the essay. The ethics issue or table points at animal testing as a practice that is largely unethical. There cannot be two thoughts about it.

  • What other options are available?
  • There are not many options available with the technology that exists. There are some people who believe there is a soft angle to this. While this might balance out the ethics perspectives, you will be pleased to know technology is evolving rapidly.

  • Is the issue even debatable?
  • Most animal right activists do not consider the issue of animal testing even debatable in the essay. There are many that believe animal testing is an outright offense and they generally have a number of quality arguments as well.

  • Interests of animals
  • The interests of animals are limited. But these are vital:

    • Interest in living
    • Interest to reside in a natural habitat
    • Interest in avoiding torture by an earth mate
    • Interest in being among family
  • Consent of animals
  • The consent of animals is almost never an issue in this debate between the researchers and the protestors. There are people who believe the consent of animals is not even being debated adequately. There is no way to challenge this argument. But there are also very limited ways of asking animals for their consent.

  • Literature reviews
  • The review of literature on a subject is very important. You will have to understand that people should not be considered pro or anti-animal right at the beginning. There is a staunch need to analyze arguments rationally. This is something that needs to be looked at from an academic perspective as well.

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