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Creating An 8th Grade Problem Solution Essay: 5 Writing Tips

A methodical and well-structured approach will enable you to create effective essays

Introducing the problem

Call it lack of sufficient interest, waning attention span or just the gross refusal to show sincerity, readers usually do not read beyond the first few lines of any written work. The first few lines are, therefore, of great significance as a writer as it will allow you to either attract the reader, or alienated the reader.

The introductory paragraph of a problem solution essay should ideally contain:

  • A compelling opening lines – in the form of a rhetorical question perhaps or a grossly exclamatory statement – that immediately capture the reader’s interest.
  • A succinct but sufficiently good explanation about the significance of the problem and its implications.
  • Statement of your thesis, antithesis or hypothesis.

Presenting the problem (the body of the paper)

The gist of the purpose of the body of a problem solution paper is simple: provide possibly good solutions.

The body paragraph or paragraphs should offer:

  • At the very least two solutions, three are good, four excellent and five are just above and beyond transcendent.
  • All these solutions presented should, nevertheless, be compelling, bolstered by solid logic, and ideally some evidence to prove their validity.
  • To make your paper seem strong, present the solutions in a progressive manner. This is to say, order them in ascending order of validity. Present the strongest solution the last, with good evidence of course.
  • Add an additional paragraph to perhaps outline possible negative points to make your essay seem more grounded.

Concluding the essay, voicing a call to action

All good conclusions to all good papers keep in consideration the following points:

  • No new information or argument is added.
  • Previous ideas, arguments or facts that bolster any claims are represented without change as a summarization.
  • A compelling and certain voice should be used to make certain the reader of the validity of the essay.

The use of good and flowing transition between paragraphs and ideas

Organization, enumeration and structure will increase the comprehensibility of the essay that you write. Good transitions will permit the reader to remember previous facts while grasping new ones. Use transitional words such as:

  • Firstly, Secondly, Thirdly…
  • Primarily, Additionally, Furthermore…
  • Similarly, Verisimilarly, Analogously…
  • Subsequently, Consequently, Thereafter…
  • Nevertheless, Nonetheless, Albeit…
  • However, Yet, But…


After you write your paper, read it, multiple times. There are bound to be many errors in the first draft. The first draft should never be the final draft.

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