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Finding A Proper 8th Grade Narrative Essay Sample On The Web

Definition of narrative essay:

A narrative essay is a mode of expository writing where you get to think and write about all the thoughts that are roaming around your mind on the particular topic. You can decipher them with your own though process and narrate them accordingly. The whole process of writing is like telling a story. You can portray the memories that have been lodged in to your mind and with your experience you will come up with a great write-up.

Narrative papers are always talked about from a defined point of view. The author’s specific way of writing and the details that he/he provides should be so intricate that it should bind the readers till the end. The verbs should always be detailed and intense. The structure of this writing suggests that you have to provide a statement in both the opening and the ending line of the entire process. The statement shall be the ultimate point of discussion.

Conventions used in narrative essay:

  1. The most important thing about a narrative paper is that the entire thing should be written in a first person manner. You should never go for second person or third person form of writing. The idea is that the author himself/herself is dictating the story and not someone else.
  2. The details should be quite vivid and precise. This portrayal marks everything in a narrative paper. A weak portrayal may weaken the entire plot.
  3. Don’t intermix it with other types. It is completely different form them. The entire structure is in the form of narration and detailing. You don’t need any facts to support your thoughts as these are your personal thoughts. No one will criticize you on the basis of your thoughts.

Some 8th grade narrative essay as follow

  • The favourite teacher of my class.
  • The national figure that inspires me the most and how?
  • A recent road trip to your favourite hill station.
  • The secret hideout in your home where you like to spend your times.
  • Someone else that you would have wanted to be for one day.
  • Your pet is your best friend. What do you share with it?
  • The most interesting encounter that you have faced with a painter.
  • The daily schedule of your school and how you find it to be boring or interesting?
  • If you were born hundred years before from now, describe your thoughts about the era and you.

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