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Basic Writing Tips For Students- Organizing A 3 Paragraph Essay

Composition should follow a classical format of essay writing. Basically, you should keep some points in mind while writing the composition. There are three chief aspect of any essay that you should include- the introduction in the beginning, body in the mid and the conclusion at the end.

Check out what to include and how to write them

Introduction: Your content of the introduction depends on the type of writing.

  • The introduction should be striking to grab the reader’s interest.
  • If your essay is a kind of thesis writing, it should include the thesis statement into it which is a kind of mini-outline of the paper.
  • While you are writing the last sentence of the introductory paragraph, ensure that it acts as a transitional hook and proceeds the reader to continue further.
  • Body: Chiefly, the body comprises of the second most important paragraph of the essay.

    • As you begin this paragraph, come up with strongest arguments, significant examples and most tricky illustrations while beginning the conversation.
    • Remember, the very first sentence of the body should reversely hook with the last sentence of the introductory paragraph. Apart from this, the topic of the body paragraph should be stated in the first sentence as well and should be well related.

    Note: If you wish to elaborate the body you can add a few more paragraphs, however each paragraph should have significant points to mention and they should link with each other consequently. Again, the last sentence of each paragraph should make a transitional hook with the conclusion.

    • If you are dividing the body into different paragraphs, strongest argument, example and illustrations should come first and then the weaker ones. The weakest should come at the end.

    Conclusion: Following are some significant points to keep in mind while writing the concluding paragraph. Follow the same pattern that you have used in introductory paragraph. It would justify your part well when you are ending your essay in reference to introductory part.

    • Restate your thesis statement using original language.
    • Cite at least three important points from the paragraph body.
    • Conclusion makes a final statement that gives an idea that discussion has come to an end.
    • Your every word counts in the conclusion and makes it an impressive one. It should be written in such way that the reader can summarize every point in his mind even if the article is a long and intricate one.
    • It should connect the gist in a precise and succinct manner.
    • If your conclusion clearly answers the questions asked in the introduction, this means your essay has accomplished its objective.

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