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Using Cheap Essays For Sale: Things To Take Into Account

Let’s be real: there is no scarcity of academic help online. There are writing services, paper services, tutorial websites, online courses, crash courses and so on. But, really, how many of them are actually beneficial? How many of them have something actually useful to offer? Less than a percent, maybe. The others are just looking to make money off of unsuspecting teenagers who turn to the internet in a desperate attempt to salvage their grades.

But the situation seems so bleak.

That’s because it is. Take essays, for example. If you compare the results and testimonials of the twenty-something websites that turn up at any one point in time by running a search, more than half of them have the same tone, language, keywords, and examples. People fall for them because they do not understand the logistics of SEO and search indexes.

Don’t let the mediocre essay fool you, readers. Be cautious. If you are panicking yourself to sleep every night, thinking about the fast approaching deadline on your paper, and about the five essay writing services you are thinking of hiring, here are some tips that will help you know whether they are actually helpful.

  1. Start by taking a good look at the testimonials: If there are some under the topic, you want written about, great. Scour through each and every testimonial carefully, looking for potential red flags. Are the sentences mechanical? Is the writing too boring, too run-on, too full of keywords? The chances are that the piece has been fake.
  2. Compare the pieces on different websites: When you have narrowed down the results to just one or two, compare the testimonials on those websites. If you want, you can also run them through a free, online plagiarism checker. If it turns up anywhere other than the website, you know what to do.
  3. Ask for a test project: This may seem like extra work, but doing so may take you a long way. A respectable essay for sale website will always ask you to pay for the project, and put you in contact with the writer. If the website agrees to work for free, the chances are that the writers are not genuine, and will disappear once you actually pay them in advance (which they will ask for).

So, before you set about handing your valued project into the hands of virtual strangers, be sure to follow the above steps. You will be able to root out many potential scammers, and may even establish a good relationship with some.

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