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Composing A Top-Quality 5-Paragraph Narrative Essay: Useful Advice

A 5-paragraph narrative essay is something that every student has to write, maybe even multiple times. While it can be stressful at times, there are some methods that people use in order to achieve success every time.

5 Tips on Composing Top-Quality 5-Paragraph Narrative Essays

  1. Pick a point of view and stay on it
  2. When you write a narrative essay, you’re essentially telling a story. For this story, however, you’re going to pick a point of view, and you have to make sure that it stays consistent throughout the entire paper. For example, you don’t want to begin your paper with “I was walking…” and then half way through, switch to “She was walking…” It throws the reader off and becomes quite confusing.

  3. Get organized
  4. Writing narratives like this is generally a way of testing out your ability to write. As a student, this is important work. You’re going to need to sit down and separate yourself from any sort of distraction, and really think about what story you’re going to tell.

  5. Remember the 5-paragraph method and stick with it
  6. Generally, as a rule of thumb, the 5-paragraph method looks a little something like this:

    • Introduction (1 paragraph)
    • Body (3 paragraphs)
    • Conclusion (1 paragraph)

    Don’t think that you’ll get bonus marks for going over the assigned length. You’re being tested not just on your ability to write but also your ability to follow and adhere to length instructions.

  7. Plan
  8. Many students find that it’s extremely helpful to have a sit-down with yourself and plan out your essay before you write it. One way that tends to be very useful is to brainstorm. In order to do this, you’re going to need to have a general idea of what all of your paragraphs will be about. Once you know this, you can start writing down random words beside the paragraphs - words that come to mind when you think about your topic. You’ll be surprised at how helpful this technique can be!

  9. It’s all in the detail
  10. In a narrative assignment such as this, it’s very important to give as much detail as possible. You’re going to want to show off your knowledge of adjectives and descriptors. You want your story to jump out at the reader (your professor) in order to obtain that high mark you so desire.

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