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Managing Vs. Leading

Most people consider managing and leading to be the same thing. In fact, some use the two interchangeably. However, the two terms vary and mean different things. While managers’ greatest role is to direct employees as they work in an organization, leaders are involved in influencing. While managers control and command their subordinates, leaders take the direction of inspiring and motivating their followers.

Managers and Leaders Do Things Differently

While managers are keen to emphasize and stress on rationality as well as controlling others, leaders focus on controlling themselves first before dealing with other people. Most of the times, the managers are tough, analytical and are also intelligent. The role of the management is to ensure that problems in the organization are solved so that work can be done to achieve the goals set. The leaders, on the other hand, are visionary, imaginative as well as risk takers. With their influence, they can get the employees to work efficiently as well as effectively. They face issues and problem with optimism while motivating the followers. When it comes to the achievement of goals in organizations, the managers need things done. They, therefore, consider all the possible means of increasing outputs. However, the leaders are keen first to look into the emotions, feelings and attitudes of the workers, motivate them, and view the best way to move forward. While the managers’ hugest role may be supervision, the leaders are active and are involved in several daily activities as they interact with the rest of the people in the organization. While managers may have a difficult time with workers, the leaders are freely involved with the people and thus can get along easily.

Distinction Between management and leadership

While leadership inspires changes in organizations or groups, management ensures that actions are taken towards the transformation. The manager oversees the work processes to ensure that everything is done per the goals set. Leadership requires one to be visionary while on the other hand, leadership requires the abilities to ensure that everything possible is done towards a planned future of an organization. A clear distinction between the two is that leadership requires one to be very imaginative, whereas management requires the use of information or concrete data to ensure everything is done well and also ensure accountability. The management and leadership roles in any organizations have a symbiotic relationship. Organizations require both effective leaders and managers.

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