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Political Rights Of Refugees

Since the outbreak of war in Northern Nigeria between Boko Haram and the Nigerian forces, many people have been rendered jobless, homeless and much more suffering encountered. Taking into consideration, that they are still human beings who need to have a better life, the issue of the Nigerian civilians to relocate to neighbouring countries should be welcomed. Most victims in these conflicting areas as mostly children and women and only wish they can have a place of hope to rebuild their lives. Having studied, the United Nations’ 1951 Geneva Convention, which emphasizes on countries giving asylum to refugee, it is therefore important for neighbouring countries to take up social responsibility and host these refugees. Countries like Cameroon, Chad and Niger which have signed the treaty should be on the lead to make sure that all the refugees are given asylum and protected as it has also offered this to other nations.

The united nation high commission for refugee has also a responsibility to make the lives of the refugees better even if it is in the refugee camps. This is by taking up policies and humanitarian aid to the affected population in the host country. Although the host country may provide a place to live and security, it is important for the UNHCR to make sure that the refugees have the basic need to continue with their normal life. Recalling other cases which have resulted to conflicts and displacement of persons such as in Syria, there is reason for other countries to come out for Nigeria too. This affirms the reason for each country to join the United Nations’ 1951 Geneva Convention so as to work for the better of every person. The UNHCR, having adopted the responsibility of the refugees calls upon all its agencies to take up all the responsibilities of providing aid and monitor the wellbeing of the refugees. Through UNHCR, the neighbouring countries may be convinced to take up refugees to avoid being sanctioned.

Every individual has basic human rights which are approved by the international body on human right. Having that in mind, it is easy to assume that political rights should also be upheld for every individual even though a refugee. However this is against the United Nations’ 1951 Geneva Convention that advices refugees to refrain from any political activities. It is against the good will of the host country to fight for political rights which deplores its ability to remain peaceful. The refugee should refrain from political activities as they are right only for the citizens of the host country. It is important for a refugee to enjoy the peace and safety of the host country and get contented by that only so as not to cause any unrest by fighting the ruling regime of the host country. However, taking into account that the refugee is human, this affirms that there are some rights which may be termed as political and are provided by UNHCR. This affirms that he can fight for these rights which would not jeopardize country’s relation with the refugees.

In the host country, refugees are more interested with physical needs such as food and clothing to the expense of their political rights. In other cases, the host country may restrict a basic human right so as to protect other major human rights. This harmonizes the people and the government remains stable. This reaffirm the importance of declining refugees their political rights unless it is provided by the constitution of the host country. This means that the refugee should refrain from any activity that may have negative consequence on the host country with the origin country, cannot vote or run for election in the host country and cannot challenge the political power of the host country. All these are meant to guard the peace of the host country.

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