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How To End An Ancient History Essay: Interesting Suggestions

The ending to an ancient history essay can sometimes be the most challenging part to write. Most of the techniques commonly used in narrative or descriptive essays don’t apply in this kind of formal academic writing. Luckily, there are still a number of interesting suggestions you can try to make the ending of your ancient history essay stand out:

Establishing a sense of closure to the discussion

There are several ways of establishing a sense of closure to your essay. Try linking the concluding paragraph to the introductory paragraph by reiterating a few words or a thought provoking phrase from the start of the essay. Another method is to use language to help dramatic effect. For instance, end your paper using mostly one-syllable words or try using a well-placed rhyming of words that the reader won’t be able to get out his mind.

Using a quotation that amplifies your argument

Using a quote from one your primary or secondary resources is an excellent way of ending your ancient history essay. You should select one that amplifies your central argument or puts it into a different perspective that makes the reader think about your intentions. Remember, you want to make your paper as memorable as possible, and this final sentence can achieve this by being direct and impactful.

Considering the implications of your argument

Take a look at your body paragraphs and think about how your argument involves, implies or suggests? Consider what your argument may open up in terms of further academic discussion. Make a list of some thoughts or ideas that you believe may be worth research beyond your work and select the one idea you can suggest for others to take on, relating its importance and relevancy.

Setting up the discussion in a larger context

This is a great technique that might seem a little difficult at first but with enough practice can have a large impact. For instance, if you are writing your paper on trade and commerce in ancient times you might link it to how aspects of trade and commerce have remained the same for centuries and how its existence helped bring the world closer.

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