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Writing My Essay: Where To Seek Assistance First Hand

Writing papers of any kind including essays requires certain ability to adhere to academic rules. If you do not naturally possess that ability seek help from the following sources in the order they appear:

The individual who assigned the paper to you

This person, whether they are your teacher, professor or tutor, will have the most accurate impression of the way the essay should look if you want to get the highest grades. After all, they will be grading it. You should be the student who asks for tips and rubrics or even access to samples of exceptional essays written by previous classes. Your classmates may get annoyed with you for your exuberance but it pays off in the end. The only time it might not pay off is if your teacher is the type to try “tough love” as a method of inspiring you. In that case he or she might feel more helpful by not helping you at all.

The other people in your class

Unless you are at the top of the class, there’s someone who can help you. Find a classmate who has a better grasp on the writing process than you do and ask them to help you. You have a better chance of that person saying yes if they’re friends with you or if you two have at least maintained a cordially distant relationship before. If the two of you have been combative in the past you may not have much luck with this.

Paid options

There are two main sources of help you can get if you are willing to pay money. These are academic writing companies and freelancers.

Academic writing companies

These will provide you with a writer who will do as little or as much of your essay as you request. This means they can hand you a list of potential topics to your specifications, proofread your completed essay or hand you an essay that has been done from start to finish by them.


You need to find the right freelancer for yourself so the process is a bit more labour intensive but you get more in person interaction this way. This means you are more likely to get someone who will answer your questions directly and give you suggestions that can help you. They will also write as much as you ask them. These sources will give you all the types of help you need.

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