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List Of Unique Argumentative Essay Topics On Law Enforcement

Are you looking for an argumentative essay topic on law enforcement? A great topic for an argumentative paper is a controversial one. It should really inspire you personally, because a powerful argumentative essay must convince your reader that you have a strong opinion about the topic you have chosen. Law enforcement is a wide-ranging subject. It provides an opportunity to pick a winning topic and thus, to create an excellent piece of writing. Here are some unique topics for an argumentative essay on law enforcement. You may either choose one from the following list or use it to come up with your own brilliant idea.

  1. The legal nature of law enforcement: Here you should expand on some historical and legal aspects concerning the above question.
  2. Do law enforcement cameras violate the right to privacy? Give your opinion about this controversial issue. Support your ideas with some examples.
  3. Police interrogation: Here you should speak about the possible challenges of this legal tool.
  4. Civil forfeiture: legislation and practice.
  5. Criminal punishment: legal nature, types, duration, and authorities responsible for setting punishments.
  6. Comparative analysis of crime definition in common law jurisdictions and civil law jurisdictions.
  7. Legal aspects of ethics and ethical conduct of law enforcement officers.
  8. Recognition of women’s right to work as police officers.
  9. Inspection of a locale of a crime. Give your opinion as to effectiveness of some tools and methods used by the police authorities.
  10. Legal limits of police entrapment. Give an estimation of this extremely debatable issue.
  11. Taser guns: doubtful tools used by the police authorities.
  12. Policemen who don’t drive cars while patrolling the streets. What is your point of view as to effectiveness of foot and bike patrols?
  13. Misuse of power by police officers. Expand on this controversial issue by pointing out some incidents where policemen exceeded the limits of their authority.
  14. International law enforcement authorities and their competencies.
  15. Defense in criminal cases. Discuss this concept that states that every accused person has the right to any and all defenses recognized and permitted by the law.
  16. Crime and punishment: the idea of cruel and unusual punitive measures in US law.

Once you’ve selected a topic and produced a piece of writing, you should be ready to make a presentation of your paper. This may be challenging, so be ready to take a stand on your concept.

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