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The Emergence And Importance Of Language

If you think of language, you will be puzzled. What makes the human beings have such an elaborate means of communication? Do other species communicate to? If so, is it as cheap as it is for human beings? All these are questions that will be hard to answer even for those biochemists who have been researching on living creatures. It is believed that language has a biological foundation. It is however not clear. Nobody has been able to explain the connection between language and biology. It is a mystery that not many will come to understand.

Theories about language

There are many theories that are associated with languages. Why different people have different languages? One f the most known theory is biblical. When in the bible people thought of building the tower of Babylon so as to get to God. Before then, it is believed that people used to have a common language and they understood each other with ease. When they started building the tower, God got angry with the people. He thus found a way that would confuse them and make them stop building the tower. God introduced different languages. The Babylonians could no longer understand each other. Different people developed different languages. They could no longer work together and this brought to a halt the building of the tower. Other theories believe that language is in the genetics. I, however, doubt this. If a child is born in a new environment, it is most likely going to learn the language of the environment that it is brought up in. This shows that language is psychological and it is influenced by the surrounding. Even adults can learn new languages, only that it will not be as easy as for the children.

Importance of language

The essential importance of language is communication. Language gives us the chance to tell others our feelings and desire. It puzzles one when you try to imagine why there are so many different languages if the all aim at communication. However, if you have attempted to learn a new language, you have noted that languages are very similar and only have very slight differences. The other importance of language is that it helps us to learn and thus making life comfortable. Language enables us to give and take instruction. Imagine the world without communication. Everything would be confusing. The most advantageous people in life, are those that have tried and learnt at least two other languages besides their own.

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