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Violence In Islam And Christianity

Violence has been ongoing among both Christians and Muslims. The teachings in the holy books of the two religions are sometimes considered to be the principal causes of the violence there has been. This thus raises a lot of concern about whether it is the scriptures that encourage the violence, or the people misunderstand the same scriptures. The debate continues among different groups. The answers to such questions of why religions and religious people become violent and engage in wars may sometimes be some of the hardest and most difficult to answer. The violence among religions especially Islam and Christianity has been increasing. The rate is in no doubt alarming. Something needs to be done as the violence is unhealthy and that the effects may be more devastating than what they are now. The brutality of people who engage in violence in both Christianity is sometimes devastating and alarming. Sometimes the violence has been between the two groups of religion; Christianity and Islam. The effects of the violence of religious nature have no different effects than other types of violence. The effects are as harmful as the rest.

Violence in Islam

The Muslims in the societies has become more violent. The holy book for the Muslims emphasizes about the holy war. The Muslim community thus has the belief that they have the responsibility to the holy war as a requirement in their faith. There has been much controversy however on how the Muslims interpreted the holy war. They launch attacks on nations and also neighbors in the name of the holy war. Allegedly most even form groups that target other people for war. This causes insecure societies. They are known for retaliating if they are attacked. Retaliation in Islam, whenever they are attacked, intensifies any war. It is very devastating that some of these Muslims choose to die as they sacrifice themselves for the fellow Muslims. The war is an instrument that spreads hatred among the people. In most nations, the Muslims and the Christians are never at peace with each other. Each religious group feels targeted.

Violence in Christianity

The holy book for the Christians also encourages violence. The Old Testament, for example, depicts how God ordered soldiers to go to war. The victory of the winning group was highly celebrated. Some of the Christians think that the holy book encourages them to be violent. Some could support their actions using the Bible.

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