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How To Do My Essay In An Hour: 5 Useful Suggestions

Sometimes, time is not going to be on your side, and essays are going to need to be written as quickly as possible. An hour is, for example, a relatively reasonable amount of time to spend on any academic writing if you are really strapped for more time. Below are five really useful suggestions and tips on how to get the writing done as quickly as possible, but still to a brilliant quality.

  1. Get rid of all distractions
  2. Take your phone, your computer, MP3, T.V. and everything else that might cause any distraction and remove them from the room in which you’re writing. If you are typing your essay on the computer, turn off your WiFi, for instance, so that you are not tempted to chat with your friends on any messaging sites.

  3. Read and research in advance
  4. If you’ve done all the necessary reading and research done in advance of the actual writing of your essay, then you’re off to a flying start. The part of writing a paper that takes the most time is not the actual writing! Once you’ve done all the important stuff, the body of the essay will just sort itself out!

  5. Don’t stress
  6. Stressing about the amount of work you have to do can only make the essay last longer - way over an hour. So relax! Just try to let yourself enjoy the essay if at all possible, and the subject matter you are tackling. If it helps, have a cup of tea and a biscuit beside you and, if it doesn’t distract you, have some soothing music on in the background to take the edge off.

  7. Don’t take a break
  8. It’s best to have a break - go to the loo, let your brain relax and not think about work - before and after the hour you will spend writing. Otherwise, don’t stop! You haven’t got a minute to spare, so spend every second writing if at all possible.

  9. Make a plan
  10. Although it seems like a waste of time, a plan can make things go much quicker in the long run. Decide what you’re going to do first - the body of the text or the introduction for example - and then decide how long everything should take you. Make sure it comes to under an hour. By following all these suggestions, you’ll get a brilliant paper written in an hour or less.

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